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Our Mission

Lottery is not legal in all states of India. Lottery is legal only in 13 states of India. This lottery game is conducted by the state government in the authorized states. Nowadays, the lottery game is very famous and popular. People want to check their luck by buying lottery tickets, and many people in India buy lottery tickets every day. They have to face many difficulties to find the result of that lottery game. And seeing this problem, we made this website. On this website, we publish the lottery results of all the states where the lottery is valid in India in one place so that people from different states can see the results of the lottery they want to see in one place.

We want the results of legal lottery games played offline to be published at the same time and in the same place so that those who buy lottery tickets can decide on their future lottery playing strategies.

What We Offer

Fast Result: We know that seeing the lottery result on time is very important for all the people involved in playing the lottery. And for this, we publish the lottery results on the website as soon as possible.

Multi-State Lottery Results: We do not publish the lottery results of any particular state. So no matter which state you are a resident of, you will find all state lottery results on our website.

Historical Lottery Result: Did you not see today’s lottery result due to busy work or any other reason? Then you don’t have to worry because we always keep the old results of lottery games on this website at your convenience, so you can see the old results of the lottery whenever you want.

User-Friendly Interface: Our website has been designed keeping in mind that every user who comes to our website can use the website very easily. Our website design is very simple; we have not given much color to the website.

Why Choose Us:

Information: All the lottery results that we publish on this website or before sharing any information are uploaded on the website only after our team verifies them from the official website, i.e., we try to give you correct information.

Transparency: Honesty, hard work, and a clear presentation of any information to our users are our main objectives. We do not do any illegal work on this website or hide anything from the user.

Privacy policy: It is our first and foremost objective to protect the data of all users who visit our website. We do not sell or share any of our user data with anyone. Read our privacy policy page for details.

Customer Support: If you have any query, complaint, business inquiry, or any other inquiry, then feel free to contact us now on our contact us page or email [email protected]. Our dedicated customer support team will help you. Our team will reply to you within 24 hours.

Details About Our Website Nagaland-lottery.in

We, i.e., nagaland-lottery.in, are a private company, not a government company, and we are not associated with any government organization. We are free to make any decisions on our website. This website was created in March 2024.

We do not promote any lottery game on this website, we do not give any advice to anyone to play the lottery, we do not give any target number for the lottery game, we do not sell any lottery tickets on this website, We do not endorse or promote gambling and betting. We only publish government lottery results and news on this website. And all the information on our website is given for informational purposes only. For more information about our website nagaland-lottery.in please read our disclaimer and terms & conditions page.

Our office address is:

  • Place: Serampore
  • Post Office: Serampore
  • Pincode: 712201
  • Dist: Hooghly
  • State: West Bengal
  • Country: INDIA

Contact Us:

If you have any comments, suggestions, complaints, questions, or inquiries about this page, please contact us. We value your feedback and inquiries. Please feel free to reach out to us using the following contact information: [[email protected]] or our contact us page.

Thank you for choosing [Nagaland-lottery.in]. Good luck, and we hope your lucky numbers come up!

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