Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery Result Today 30-04-2024 Check 10.55AM, 3PM & 9PM Lucky Winner List

The Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery Sambad is also known as the Singam Lottery. The Arunachal Pradesh state government keeps publishing results daily at 10.55 a.m., 3 p.m., and 7 p.m. The State Government of Arunachal Pradesh conducts these lotteries under the provisions of the Lotteries (Regulation) Act.

Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery Result Singam Details

Lottery is legal in Arunachal Pradesh, so along with the daily lottery, weekly and monthly bumper lotteries are played in this state, and bumper lotteries are played on various festivals. Lottery in Arunachal Pradesh is played as a draw guli singam lottery. The first prize of this lottery is twenty-six lakh three thousand, the consolation prize is nine thousand five hundred, the second prize is nine thousand, the third prize is five hundred, the fourth prize is four hundred fifty rupees, and the fifth prize is one hundred twenty rupees.

Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery Result Today 10.55A.M.


Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery Result Today 3P.M.

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Arunachal Pradesh Singam Lottery Result Today 7PM

arunachal pradesh lottery result today

Arunachal Pradesh Singam Lottery Prize Chart Details

RANKPrize Amount ( INR ₹ )

Lottery is legal in 13 states of India, apart from these 13 states , lottery is illegal in 15 states and 8 Union territories . So it can be said that playing lottery in India is not illegall because some states state governments are in favor of playing lottery and some states are against playing lottery. To solve this problem, the Lottery Regulation Act 1998 was implemented in India. This law states that after obtaining permission from the central government, the state government of the state will decide when, how, and where the lottery will be played. But the lottery game must be played according to the law.

But a question comes to mind: in a state where the lottery is illegal, how can the people of that state buy lottery tickets? And if lottery tickets are purchased from other states where lottery games are legal, will the money be available? The answer to all these questions is that people from states where the lottery is illegal can go to other states where the lottery is legal and buy tickets. And after buying that ticket, if a person gets the prize, he will be given all the remaining amount after deduction of various taxes, no matter if he is a resident of any state in India.

How to Check Arunachal Pradesh State lottery results on the official website?

  • First visit the official website
  • The second step is to find the today lottery result option.
  • The third step is to select date and time.
  • Then in the last step click on the pdf button and the result can be seen easily.

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