Punjab State Dear Holi Bumper Lottery Result 2024

Punjab state dear holi bumper lottery result today, March 30, 2024, live lottery result published on 8 p.m. onwards at Ludhiana In Punjab, this dear Holi bumper is organized this year, like every year. The Punjab state government organizes this lottery game.

Punjab State Dear Holi Bumper 2024 Details

The sale of lotteries is legal in 13 states of India. The Central Government of India has authorized the state governments of the respective states to sell lotteries in these 13 states. Punjab is among these states, so the lottery is fully legal in Punjab.

Punjab government has charged Rs 500 per ticket for punjab dear holi bumper. A notification from the government informed us that six lakh lottery tickets will be sold, and these tickets will have serial numbers between 400000 and 999999.

The first prize will be awarded among the tickets sold, and the game will be restarted if the number in the first prize is not among the tickets sold during the game.

Dear Holi Bumper 2024 Lottery result

Finally wait is over punjab state government just published dear holi bumper 2024 result. first prize for Rs 2.50 crores lucky ticket number ( 638007 ) this first prize lottery ticket sold by seller taran lottery and sub stockist name is gandhi brothers lottery punjab. Congratulations to all the lottery winners from Nagaland Lottery.

2nd prize for Rs 10 lakhs ten six digit ticket numbers are 444559, 450025, 629704, 637889, 655695, 777124, 838173, 910213, 984002, 990857

3rd prize for Rs 5 lakhs ten six digit tickets number 635180, 640050, 647593, 659858, 773816, 875381, 882068, 922659, 962243, 987156

4th prize for Rs 9,000 ticket numbers 0693, 4062, 5389, 5429, 5954, 6075, 8132, 8152, 9064, 9374

5th prize for Rs 6,000 lucky numbers 0336, 0439, 2566, 3670, 4407, 4626, 7598, 8921, 9444, 9931 6th prize for Rs 2,000 tickets numbers are given below

Punjab state dear holi bumper 2024 lottery result

Lottery Draw Method

This lottery game will be attended by senior officials of the Punjab Directorate of Lotteries, who will ensure that this game is played properly as per the law. A live lottery game is also organized. If you want, you can watch this live lottery game on YouTube. We are giving a link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJFOUyrgS-8

RankNumber of PrizesPrize Amount (  INR ₹ )Draw Details
1st12,50,00,000A six-digit number will be drawn in its entirety.
2nd1010,00,000Ten six-digit complete numbers will be drawn
3rd105,00,000Ten six-digit complete numbers will be drawn
4th6009,000Last four digit number of all tickets
5th6006,000Last four digit number of all tickets
6th120002,000Last four digit number of all tickets

Punjab State Dear Holi Bumper Lottery Prize Structure Details

RankNo of PrizesWinner PrizeSeller PrizeSub-Stockist Prize
1st 12,50,00,00020,00,0005,00,000

How do you check your lottery number on the official website?

  1. First, visit the official website of the Punjab State Lottery: http://www.punjabstatelotteries.gov.in/
  2. Go to the homepage of the website and look for the search lottery results option.
  3. Click on the option, select your ticket number and bumper in the category, and enter dear holi bumper 2024 in the search result on the right side.
  4. Then you click on Search Results, and you will see your results.
  5. If this option does not work for some reason, you can come to the top of the homepage and click on the results option.
  6. After clicking, you come down a bit, click on check result, and click to find your dear holi bumper 2024 result below.
  7. In this way, you can check your lottery number by visiting the official website of the Punjab government.


1> If you get any prize above 10,000 rupees, then you contact the office of the director of the Punjab State Lotteries, vit te yojna bhawan, plot no. 2B, sector 33-A, Chandigarh 160020.

2> If you get a prize above 10,000 rupees, then according to the Income Tax Act of 1961, the state government will deduct TDS from your prize money, and then you will get the rest back.

3>5% TDS will be deducted as per Section 194G from lottery vendors who receive lottery prizes.

4> You have to claim within 30 days after winning the lottery prize.

5> If one does not make any claim within 30 days after winning the lottery prize, then, as per the Punjab State Lotteries Rules 2015, all the money will become government property and no money will be given if claimed later.

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