Nagaland Live Lottery Results: 1 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM, March 15, 2024 Updates Check your luck today

Say Nagaland live lottery results or say dear lottery sambad the same thing. Today at 1 PM, the results were released a little early, like every day. The dear lottery is sold not only in Nagaland but also in Nagaland and other authorized states of India. The Kerala state of India started selling the first lotteries, so the Kerala lottery is very popular in India. Dear lotteries are very popular in Nagaland, West Bengal, and Sikkim.

What is the Reason For the Popularity of the Lottery in India?

A lot of people in India live below the poverty line, and nowadays inflation is increasing steadily, but people’s incomes have not increased, so many people buy lottery tickets hoping to fulfill their dreams or earn extra money. Lottery ticket prices are kept very low, so morning-type people try their luck. buy ticket

Lottery tickets are not sold in all states in India; in some states, lotteries are illegal and in others, they are legal. The state governments of the authorized states where the tickets are sold collect a huge amount of tax from these tickets, which are used for the benefit of the public. This lottery game is managed by the state government of the respective state.

Nagaland Live Lottery Result 1 PM Updates

Your wait is over because today at 1 p.m., dear Meghna, Friday weekly lottery first prize of 1 crore ticket number is (83A 50066). Rs 1000 per kit will be given to five numbers at the end of this number. Today’s 2nd prize ticket number is (53371).

Third prize ticket numbers are 14668, 14736, 40364, 42428, 48458, 56409, 57574, 73141, 94047, and 98594, respectively. Today’s fourth prize of Rs 1000, fifth prize of Rs 300, and sixth prize of Rs 120 ticket numbers are discussed below.

nagaland live lottery result 1 P.M .

Dear Lottery Result 6 PM Details

Dear mountain friday weekly lottery Rs 1 crore ticket number ( 81B 64903 ) 2nd prize ticket number ( 35564 ) 3rd prize ticket numbers 22729, 31510, 48025, 52120, 63588, 65248, 81770, 88876, 91286, 95158

4th prize ticket numbers 0370, 0813, 1264, 1441, 4193, 5280, 6216, 8460, 8720, 9255 5th prize for Rs 300 ticket numbers 0050, 2063, 2300, 2313, 3490, 7936, 8203, 8255, 9479, 9557

Nagaland Live Lottery Result Today Update 8pm

Nagaland Live Lottery Results Draw Chart Details 15-03-2024

RankPrize Amount (  INR ₹ )Draw Method
1st1,00,00,000On 1 time on 5 digits with serial number
Cons1000All remaining serial & series of 1st prize number
2nd9000On 10 times on 5 digits
3rd2000On 10 times on last 4 digits
4th1000On 10 times on last 4 digits
5th300On 10 times on last 4 digits
6th120On 100 times on last 4 digits

Nagaland State Lottery Prize Claim Process Details

  1. If your lottery prize is below Rs. 10,000, then submit your ticket to any lottery seller or distributor to get the full amount without any tax.
  2. According to the law, lottery winnings above Rs 10,000 are subject to deduction of TDS and other taxes, and then the remaining amount is received.
  3. To claim the lottery prize, you need to fill out a form and send it to the Nagaland State Lotteries Director through the proper post at the specified address. You will get complete information about this from your local lottery distributor.
  4. You must have the original lottery ticket, and its single-copy zeroxed and four-copy passport-size photograph must be attested by the Gazetted Officer.
  5. Then make an affidavit for the ownership of a lottery ticket and submit it to the 1st class magistrate or notary public.
  6. Now you will need legal proof like an adhar card, a pan card, a phone number, bank details, bank account details, an IFSC code, a canceled check. Now you have to post them together and the form that you filled out together, but before posting your name, lottery All information, including the ticket number, should be checked once.
  7. If the lottery ticket is torn or lost for any reason during or after posting, it is not the responsibility of the Nagaland Government.
  8. Please do not send fake lottery tickets or documents, as it is a punishable offense. This can result in you being jailed and fined.
  9. After proper verification of all your documents and information, if you are the right person, you will get your money into the bank account.
  10. If you are not a resident of Nagaland, then you will get your prize through a demand draft, RTGS, or check.

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